Finding My Place Again.

Posted by hoodsta on March 24th, 2007 filed in hip-hop, trash talk

Pasta Crew Christmas '06.

Usually I wouldnt blog if I didnt really have anything to say. Right now, theres a lot happening in my world but it all feels like Im on the journey to a destination I havent arrived at yet, knowhatimsayin? Some would say its not about the destination, its about the journey. Kinda like a good videogame with a crap ending. The ending may not be that great but if the game pulls you in and keeps you glued ’til the end, that compensates for the letdown that awaits you at its finale. The journey. Kinda reminds me of when I was on tour. Most of the time, the highlights werent the gigs, it was the time spent with the other guys in a small bus travellin’ between gigs. Well, right now, if life event milestones are the equivalent of gigs, Im behind the wheel of the tour bus concentrating on the road rather than participating in another round of “Guess the Movie Line” or “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”. Thats not to say life sucks right now, cause it doesnt, but Im lookin’ forward to getting to the gig so it breaks up the monotony of driving. O.K. I have just officially confused myself with my own analogy.

Change of subject.

So far this year, music is alive in my life again! Inspiration is flowin’, gigs are rockin’ and Ive bought some great cds recently that keep fuellin’ the fire, not to mention playing in the band at Church is going off right now! I just got Imogen Heaps ‘Speak for Yourself’ cd which is sweet, Ohmega Watts ‘The Find’ which is dope and probably the one thats surprised me the most is Joss Stones latest cd, ‘Introducing’. That cd is the bomb! I got her first cd ‘The Soul Sessions’ which was good but lacked the aforementioned ‘soul’, didnt bother to pick up her second cd ‘Mind Body and Soul’ which was bland and again lacking in ‘soul’, but this new joint is so good, Im thinkin’ of checkin’ her out live at the Enmore Theatre in a couple of weeks. If you like funky soul music with touch of pop you will dig this! The track featuring Common (who is guesting on everyones tracks right now) is off the chain and the rest of the cd is just as good. Check it!

Ive been workin’ away at some new stuff too which I will hopefully be able to give a sample of soon but I think you can hear the love comin’ back in what Im doin’ right now. Gotta get this album done, out and the ball rollin’ before I hit, well…I just gotta get it done! Stay tuned.

Anyways, thats it for now, more updates to follow.

And Im out.

4 Responses to “Finding My Place Again.”

  1. Carmelocito Says:

    I’m now officially part of the experience…look at me I’m leaving comments.

    In the spirit of the hoodsta blog I will ramble just a little… did you realise that you made reference to Kevin Bacon in this blog and in the last you mentioned Ethan Hawke? (I’ve seent the sunrise/sunset movies and I’d have to agree, loved them both – Ed). Well I have a theory that Ethan and Kevin are actually the same person. I have absolutley no evidence whatsoever to support this statement other than the fact that I always confuse the two of them, Ethan, Kevin, Ethan, Kevin, Ethan, Kevin, but I just thought I’d just put it out there, so that you can ponder…

    Thanks for the music review, I’ll be sure to check out Imogen, I know that I can catch Joss on Video Hits and even find out how often she needs loving, I’m sure that by “loving” she means hugs and hand shakes.

    That’s great that you’re working on some new stuff, I can’t wait to hear it.
    And by the way Church Band is awesome! And congratulations, that is the first time ever that i’ve seen somebody use a video game analogy.

    And I’m out too, it’s lunch time and I’ve got a deck of Uno cards.

  2. hoodsta Says:

    Enjoy those Uno card dude, the perfect ice breaker for making friends in a new workplace! I love getting comments, its like a little present at the end of my blog entries! OK, that was just a little too metro-feminite..

  3. C Peebody Says:

    No, apparently the perfect ice breaker in a new workplace is having a ciggie out the back.. I love working in port kembla.

    Here’s another little present for the blog

  4. AL Says:

    What the heck is going on with my wifes head in this photo? She looka lika asian!

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