Coming of age. Again.

Posted by hoodsta on May 25th, 2006 filed in hip-hop, trash talk

Diggz pimpin’. Photo by DJP.

It seems my whole world is constantly changing, in ways I can never anticipate. I have a vision of how things will work out for me, or how I would ideally like them to work out and these scenarios almost never happen.

Take for example, the whole process of aging and the whole concept of getting older. In my mind, I’m still stuck somewhere around the age of 23-24. Maybe this has to do with the fact my mother passed away when I was 22 and its stunted my emotional growth? Go figure. Truth is, Im not 23-24 any more, times are changing and I do struggle a little bit to get my head around it. I have friends younger than me who have started having kids, and Im still trying to work out when I think I’ll be ready.

This is just a long way of saying that, Ive recently been reminded that life goes on and time is passing.

Thats my old school homeboy Diggz in that photo up top, taken at his wedding a couple of weeks ago. I love that dude to death. He’s been my boy since back in high school. High school. That was a little while ago now. We’ve known each other since I first started emceeing in my first crew in high school, 3DMC (go on, laugh. I know that was a wack name!), he was DJ/Beatmaker in my next crew, 2 Jacks and a King, continued to be my friend when I left that crew and discovered Christianity, and hooked up with me as fellow spiritual brother/DJ/Beatmaking genius in my last crew, Soulkeepers, of which we are both known as one part of, even to this day! Hes been there for me when my mother died, helped me organise gigs, hooked me up with gigs, was by my side when I was “Youth Pastor”(Im a bit uncomfortable with that label), was there for me when Tammy and I broke up and got back together, was there when we got married, I could go on and on. Hes the freakin’ man basically.

Funny thing is, in the back of my mind, as much as I love Diggz, and I wanted him to hook up with someone, part of me was starting to think it was never gonna happen. Then, WHAMMO! He’s married and helping to take care of two boys! WHA?! Thats not what I’d planned!! I never gave him permission to do that!! Its funny how I let myself think I have any control over what happens to those I care about. Their journey through life is exactly that. THEIR journey, not mine. Man, truth be told, Im just happy that hes happy. Thats all that matters to me. He’s my boy for life!

Jai & Aneta

A month or two before Diggz wedding, I went to another wedding of an old friend of mine, Jai. We started emceeing together in 3DMC and rocked the mic together in 2 Jacks and a King. We were best mates through high school and were virtually inseperable. After that, we did our best to keep in touch but slowly went our own ways, still keeping in touch and crossing paths from time to time. Then out of the blue, he called me and invited me to his wedding. How could I say no!

I dont know if it was the voice of nostalgia or sentimentality talking, but I realised just how much I missed him when I was at his wedding. All the memories of growing up together came flooding back and all the crazy stuff we’d done and laughs we’d had. The sad thing was, I realised we were more like aquaintances than friends now. His life had moved on from our old school adventures, as had mine. Even so, I still really wished we were closer but couldnt escape the fact that we had become what we had become. Different. I still got crazy love for him and that will never change. It just made my heart a bit heavy and was a bit tough having to face that reality!

So where to from here? What crazy twists does this journey through life have up its sleeve? One thing I can trust, is that its all in Gods hands and he works all things together for good for those that love him. Even getting older!

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