Clean Slate.

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Before I start, I found this pic from Superman Returns and had to post it! Thats the globe of the Daily Planet hes carrying! This film is so gonna rock!

Saving the planet!

Well, like most people who write blogs, I am inspired by the passing of another year to write the content of this entry. Bear with me..

For those who know me personally, 2005 was a year of finding and gaining stability again. I finally felt like I had found a spiritual home in my new church and had begun to cultivate the seed of friendships within it. Something I have found quite difficult to do for some time. Well, last year, the winds of change were definately blowing, as both myself and Tammy were able to slowly build relationships within our church and nuture friendships that have become very important to the both of us. Looking forward to whats in store for the coming year!

Last year, Tammy and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary! Dude, no joke, time goes so fast, its scary. To think Tammy and I have been married for six years sometimes freaks me out ’cause it just doesnt seem to be that long! Having said that, after becoming a Christian, getting married to her is the single greatest thing I have done in my life. Why she let me, sometimes I wonder! She has been a source of strength and love and an expression of Christs love for me, every single day and its been amazing.

As far as hip-hop, for me personally, 2005 was the year I regained my inspiration and love for emceeing. Am I the worlds greatest battle emcee? NO! Am I the worlds most skilled freestyler? Far from it! The emphasis on these two aspects of emceeing in recent times, had begun to drain my love for emceeing and hip-hop to the point I had been wondering whether or not it was time to throw in the towel and call it a day. But these things were not the reason I fell in love with hip hop in the first place! It was all about well written songs that connected with me on subjects that were important to ME! It was about wether or not you could move the crowd! It was about ENJOYING what you did! 2005 was the year I rediscovered my love for the art. My new album is due later this year and I cant wait to get it out there!

2005 was the year I brought home my furry friend Shinji. Worlds. Greatest. Dog. Period.

2005 had some killer movies too. Some of my faves: Batman Begins, Sin City, King Kong, Revenge of the Sith and War of the Worlds, to name but a few. It was the year I finally got a clue and watched Napoleon Dynamite. Lucky! It was also the year I finally got to see Smallville Season 3. Now the excrutiating wait for Season 4 continues..

It was also the year I finally got a “Computer”. If you’ve seen it, you know what I’m talkin’ about! Now I have access to my own website and a whole host of countless other opportunites thanks to the wonder of cyberspace! Or something like that.

Man, I am looking forward to 2006! I feel like Ive come out of a valley and have begun my ascent to the peak of a mountain! Sound corny? Yeah, but its how I feel.

Some of my goals for ’06:

– Release my debut solo album.
– Get a job that pays better money, with less stress.
– Strengthen friendships.
– Learn to be a better “Husband”. Man, that word still feels weird!
– See Superman Returns and buy the Mega Deluxe Collectors DVD!

I may not post any great pics for a while because I dont own my own digital camera yet. I have one on lay by, so hopefully soon, I’ll be able to have some more up on this website for all to enjoy!

I will leave you now with some pics of a couple of things I got for Christmas:

Cool Talking Yoda.

Superman DVD boxset. Oh jyeah!

Batman Animated Series DVD. Sweet!

2006 will indeed rock! Cant wait!

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