My Yuletide Wonderland.

Posted by hoodsta on December 13th, 2005 filed in hip-hop, Tammsta, trash talk, Video Games

The joy of music.

Every year around this time, like most people, my life gets a little more full on because of a little known festive celebration called CHRISTMAS. Heard of it? Yeah, well its happening again this year and it turns my busy-o-meter up to eleven. Mainly with my job. Thats the uninhibited joy of working in a music store, the “holiday” periods are the most full on periods of the year, which means it leaves little time to do much else but work. Thems the breaks..

On the upside, the fact that it has been a while between posts, means that more has happened that I can talk about. So lets see, whats been happening…

Rhymin’ in the capital.

In one of my last posts, I talked about doing a gig in Canberra. I wont go in to much detail about the gig, I’ll just let these pictures do the talking:

A packed house..

Soundcheck DURING someones set..

Mullet sighting..

And the crowd goes wild!

So yeah. Good times..

In other recent happenings, the Tammsta and I celebrated our SIXTH wedding anniversary! Six years man! Doesnt feel like it! It goes by so fast dude, its scary. We chilled out at a private little apartment in Wentworth Falls, at which I got booked for speeding just before we got there. Good times! I didnt even realise I was speeding. It was great to get away from everything and just relax and be together. We had a great time seeing the touristy sights, eating THE BEST meat pie I have EVER had and spending nearly $50 at a lolly shop. They had the best stuff in that shop! American confectionery (Butterfingers, Reeses peanut butter cups, Hersheys), more traditional lollies, Superhero lollies (Yeah!), Star Wars lollies, you name it, they had it and we probably bought it!

Anyways, before this gets too boring I’ll wrap it up. I got some Christmas gigs (partys) coming up so keep watching for some festive pictures. Its time for me to go catch up on some video games I havent had a chance to play since I got them for my birthday in August! I got a copy of Metal Gear 3, Prince of Persia 2 and Jak 3 calling my name.

Til’ next time..MUCH LOVE!!

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