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Losin’ my head.

What a week! Nothing major has happened, but its been one of those hardcore, busy, when will it end weeks! You know what Im talking about.

The one thing I struggle with the most, every day, is my job. My job, to some, would seem to be a dreamy affair. Some may even think that its cool. For those that dont know, I work at Sanity Entertainment, running one of the top 5 busiest stores in the state. I hope that didnt sound self-promoting, my point is, work is busy. Now, dont get me wrong. When Im at work, Im givin it 110%. I figure, amongst other reasons, I gotta pursue excellence no matter what Im doing. I dont loathe my job, but at the same time, I dont love it either. There are heaps of times I think to myself, “Dude, you arent an idiot. You could do whatever you want, but youre working in a shop. DUDE YOU WORK IN A FREAKING SHOP. A SHOP DUDE!”, and so it goes. I start to feel anxious, I feel like a loser, I get a bit depressed and I tell myself a freaking chimp could do my job. Well actually, a chimp couldnt really do my job, but it makes sense when youre wallowing in self pity. Then I start thinking about what else I could do. And there’s the rub. As far as a job goes, I dont know what I want to do. I dont have a clue. When I left school, I was told not to worry too much if I didnt know what I wanted to do, cause I would figure it out soon. Well, soon has come and gone and Im no closer to unravelling this enigma.

However, this week I did have breakthrough of sorts. Its something I have known for a while but I kind of knew it in a new way, if that makes sense. God reminded me this week that, my job is not who I am, its just something I do. Ive heard people use the old cliche, “I dont live to work, I work to live!”, which makes me feel like, “Congratulations brother but thats not helping me out here!”. People can tell you stuff all they like and even though they mean well, sometimes it just doesnt help you. But when God speaks, he speaks words of life that cut straight to the core of how you feel. He GETS you. Its like the only words that you need to hear, always come straight from his mouth. What he told me this week has totally changed my attitude to not only my job, but towards myself, where I am in life, and has given me a new drive to pursue the things Im passionate about. I understood, maybe for the first time, that my job is just a means to do the things I really want to do. It does not define me. Its not who I am. Its not what I am. Good times indeed.

In other unrelated happenings, the Superman Returns website is up and running! OH YEAH! You can check it out at . There are some cool downloadable wallpapers and some great pics from the movie, one of my faves being Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor. Cant wait for this one!

In hip hop news, you can catch me rockin’ the spot in Canberra next weekend. Details on venue and performance times will be posted once they are set in concrete. If you wanna be part of my mammoth posse (hip hoppers always travel in packs!) hit me up on email and we shall rock it together!

While on the topic of fresh hip hop, visit and pick yourself up a copy of Stormtroops cd “The Invasion”. Its dope! In my personal opinion, one of oz hip hop’s best releases this year. Tight production, tight flows, tight release! Get it! You wont be disappointed. I have been bumpin’ this in my car on the way to work and it gets better with every listen. If you dont know the crew, this is your heads up. I wont say it again, GET IT!

By the way, if youre diggin’ the vibe of my website so far, please post a comment and let me know. If you have any suggestions on how I can improve it, or things you would like added to it, again, please post a comment. I value all feedback. Plus it validates my self worth. An added bonus.

Til next time, mucho love!

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  1. djp72 Says:

    just telling you i love you.
    self worth has just risen 27% on the dow jones.

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