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Last night, Tammy and I went and saw the new Cameron Crowe movie Elizabethtown. I really dug Almost Famous and Say Anything, so I was kinda looking forward to it. The only thing I wasnt too excited about was the fact that Orlando Bloom was in it, who Im not a fan of. Anyways, the movie was ok, definately not in the realms of Almost Famous but it was watchable. Had some cool moments in it, especially those with Alec Baldwin who was awesome but other parts felt a bit like an ad for Jack Daniels. Thats not the point though, as Im not posting this to review the movie! What it did get me thinking though and its something that I often think about, is what the signifigance of my life is, to the world around me. When I die, what kind of an impact will my life have had, what “legacy” will I leave behind and will my absence be felt, or will I be just another person caught up in his own affairs that didnt contribute anything to the world except a desire to feed and fulfil his own needs?

When it comes to hip hop, I know that I definately dont want to be just another emcee, putting together mediocre tracks under the guise of wanting to “contribute” to the culture, when really, all Im doing is what everyone else is and has already done. Its easy to get caught up in the fashionable topics of the day and write songs where all you’re really saying is “Im keepin’ it real!” or “This is real hip hop, not more of that Top40 crap!”. Dude, I’ve done that. And so have a lot of other artists. My point is, I want to be more than that. I want to go beyond that.

I remember when I decided I wanted to be an emcee. I was about 16 and was at an under age jam, dancing my freakin’ heart out! At that time, my boy Diggz was goin’ by the name of King D. Soul (how old school!) and he had a crew called The Brotherhood of Justice. They were performing that night, and I had heard a lot about them, but had never seen them live, cause they were always performing at over 18’s clubs. I didnt know what to expect. When the lights went down, the music dropped and the dancers (at that time it was cool to have dancers) started doing their thing, it sparked my interest. It wasnt until the emcee came out, fully ripping it up on the mic, that I was completely blown away! I can still remember it so clearly. It was at that moment, I knew where my place was in hip hop. I had messed around with graff, done some jiggy dancin’ and thought DJ’s were cool but when I saw the emcee that night, I knew what I wanted to do. That guy probably has no idea as to the impact he made on my life! That one single moment changed the course my life would take. It inspired me! It blew my mind! Now, here I am all these years later, as an emcee.

This post may be a bit self indulgent, so I better wrap it up, but man! Who wants to go through life doing what everyone else is doing, knowhatimsayin’? Get a job, get married, have kids, put ’em through school, work hard to pay off your house..know what I mean? Im not saying these things are wrong but they shouldnt be all there is to life! Man, God has created us to be more than just these things! To live beyond these things!

I guess where Im going with this is, it’s easy to let life slip through your fingers, then something profound happens to you and you realise you’ve been letting life pass you by, instead of embracing it. I wanna be someone that makes a difference, whose life is signifigant!

Ladies and gentlemen, CARPE FREAKING DIEM!!

5 Responses to “Signifigance.”

  1. djp72 Says:

    this has been the best post so far.
    inspiring and insightful!

    who knew that hoodsta was a blog writer!!!!!!!

    go for it!

  2. hoodsta Says:

    Thanks man. Wasnt too sure about this post.

  3. drummond Says:

    i’m hearing ya baby
    i’m battling with the same things – not necessarily hip-hop but life in general.
    drop me an email:

  4. Fun Size Nick Says:

    Hey man, a bit late I know, but I am really feeling what you’re saying – the stuff you’re talking about in the last 2 paragraphs especially is what has been filling my thoughts more and more in the last year. The search for adventure and significance goes on…

  5. hoodsta Says:

    Never too late for some feedback dude! Good to know someone’s feelin’ what Im on about. Peace!

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