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Posted by hoodstakidd on November 25th, 2009 filed in hip-hop, trash talk


Welcome back!

So originally, the topic of this entry was going to be a bit of a hip hop gripefest (because there just aren’t enough of those). My contempt with the fine line there seems to be between Australian hip hoppers having their own ‘identity’ and just perpetuating the stereotype of straight up yobbo bogans. The respect some names in the scene seem to have garnered not because they’re dope artists but just because they’re still hanging around. Blah, blah, blah. Then time, as it does, gave me a bit more perspective and reminded me, nobody has ever changed anything or contributed anything of worth by compiling and yelling their list of grievances at anyone who would listen. Who needs another negative opinion? Then I began thinking..

Last week I attended the launch of Brethren‘s new album Bastion. For those that may not know, Brethren are one of Australia’s longest serving hip hop crews and are this year celebrating their twenty year anniversary. TWENTY YEARS! Also performing that night was Brotha Black and legendary Australian hip hop mainstays, Def Wish Cast. An old skool vibe, no doubt! Funnily enough, even though I’ve been a fan of Def Wish Cast since back in the day, I’d never seen them live. The closest I got was seeing a couple of Celsius gigs. Despite some technical difficulties Def Wish Cast blew me away!  These guys, particularly Def Wish, really know how to rock a show. It was a great gig. What was really great was seeing both Brethren and Def Wish Cast still doing their thing after such a long time. That night gave me a new sense of appreciation and respect for old skool cats.

I don’t wanna sound trite but times have changed. The internet has really impacted the way we interact with and perceive the world. Foreign countries no longer seem so far away and everyday mysteries are solved with two words. ‘Google it’. The days when you would scour record store shelves for that one album you’d been hunting down for a long time, have now given way to the immediate satisfaction of internet searches and instant downloads. I’ve found that, because of the ease of access to music the internet affords, my own listening behaviour has changed. It almost seems like every other week I have a new album I listen to. On the one hand, getting what you want when you want is great. It’s convenient. It also tends to make things things feel different. Disposable. That’s not so great. Is it true that the value we attach to things can be measured by the time we invest in them? I think so. Relationships are built on this foundation. My wife isn’t my best friend because we met and got married one day but because we constantly invest time in each other. I’ve got more music now than I’ve ever had but if I was honest, I’d say I probably appreciate it less. When was the last time I heard a ‘classic’? Gone are the days when all I had was a couple of great albums I would play over and over.

Hoodstakidd! You’re ranting now! What’s your point?!

I don’t know.

It feels like these days, very little can be accepted as being genuine, everything being tainted by cynicism. I looked up the definition of cynicism and found a description that I myself can often fit: Cynicism: An attitude of scornful or jaded negativity, especially a general distrust of the integrity or professed motives of others. I guess my point is, it’s easy to devalue things when your diet is increasingly consisting of the disposable. I know for myself, with hip hop, I try to create something real and honest, something true that will stand the test of time. I also try to take that approach with my life. Not perfect by any means but working it out! It was great seeing Brethren still rocking out after twenty years because it was a reminder, there are still some people committed to creating something genuine and honest and not doing it for a quick cash in, or for exploitative reasons. Even with something as simple as music, to the relationships in our lives, to defining what we may feel our individual purpose is, never forget the true value of that which we may have become too familiar with. I hope I can learn to take that approach to everything on a daily basis!

So, yes, it has been a while since my last post. I’ve decided not to post a sneak peak just yet of what I’ve been working on, as I really don’t want to put up something not truly representing the final product. Anything I could post right now would still be pretty rough. I can tell you that I’m probably about halfway done with the album and I’m really happy with what I’ve got so far.

Big ups for stopping by the blog. More to come soon! Mad love.

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