Hip Pop Don’t…What?

Posted by hoodstakidd on September 7th, 2009 filed in hip-hop

Contrary to what I would ideally have you imagine, hip hop was not my first exposure to what would be considered ‘contemporary’ music.

Growing up, my introduction to music was sitting behind an organ droppin’ such bangers like, “When the Saints Go Marching In” and “Ode to Joy”.  Being of single digit age, I derived a small sense of enjoyment from it at the time but ultimately I found music in general to be boring. This was due to the fact I equated music with what I had been playing on the organ. Crazy kitschy organ playin’ + oldytime faves = music = zzzzz. However, just before I hit my teens, around the age of ten or eleven years I was exposed to pop in all its grandeur, in the form of the Top 40. Shortly after, I’d find my home in hip hop and hip hop culture, but at that time, when I initially discovered pop, music suddenly became relevant and exciting! Though I’m a b-boy at heart, hip hop is not the only type of music I listen to, although hip hop was instrumental in exposing me to and developing my love of funk, jazz and soul. Though I love those genres, there is still a part of me that dabbles in pop, however my taste has somewhat matured!

Two years ago, I caught Joss Stone live. She was super dope and her band was off the hook but it was her support act that really made an impression. It was a dude by the name of Andy Bull. An Australian artist with a gift for soulful pop and an excellent songwriting craftsman. I got to catch him a couple more times, kept following his progress through things like Facebook and other internet links, and picked up his debut full length two weeks ago. I caught his live album launch this past week and I’m just blown away by this dudes skills! Mad talented! If you dig good music and like pop with more than a bit of soul, you need to check this dude, grab his album and show support! Heres a taste:

I couldn’t post the vid but click this link for more freshness: Andy Bull – Small Town Girl.

So, good news, the writers block passed! Then I got the flu which knocked me on my butt. Ha. On the upside, the writing’s progressing and I’m also in the process of copping a swag of fresh beats that I should have my hands on this week. All things going well, I should be able to post a little sample of  some tunage shortly!

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Big love.

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