I Roll How, Exactly?

Posted by hoodstakidd on August 31st, 2009 filed in hip-hop

Often in the world of hip hop, you may hear an emcee wax lyrical about his infinite capacity to rhyme endlessly. Every emcee is the dopest, illest spitter of bomb text. Every emcee is the freshest rhymer to ever grace the mic device and all listeners should drop to their knees in reverence at the sheer scale of oratory prowess that’s been dropped on them. Thats how an emcee rolls.

Not me.

This past week I’ve been reaquainted with an old friend of mine. Writers block.

Every artist (am I being pretentious insinuating that I think of myself as an ‘artist’?) has their own unique way of how they work through the creative process. For myself, often times I’l think of or be inspired by a subject/topic and the first thing I come up with is my hook or chorus. I see this as the base of my song. Then I’ll write the verses around that. For me, if the chorus isn’t slammin’, it doesn’t matter how good you verse is. If you cant come back to that rockin’ chorus, forget it! Put down your mic, and walk away. Most times, a chorus will come fairly quickly to me. As long as I can think of an angle or way to communicate my idea in a way that I think is cool, if I can nail that chorus, I’m set. The next hurdle is then the first line of the first verse. The first line of a verse when I’m writing has the same kind of effect on me as when you take a sip of ice cold Pepsi on a hot summer’s day. It’s like, “Aaah!”. Once I’ve got that first line, I’m sweet! That’s where I’ve come a bit unstuck this past week. No lines have been good enough! I do get writers block from time to time, the hardest part is battling the anxiety of thinking, “Thats it! I’ve lost it! I can’t rhyme anymore! I’m officially the wackness!”. The best part of writers block is when it’s over.

Ok. So where exactly is this project up to?

I had some previously written material that I was going to include in this upcoming release but when I went back to it, it just felt stale. So I decided to ditch it all and start fresh. Right now I’m working on brand new stuff from scratch and what I do have, I’m really happy with! Then there’s the beats. THE BEATS!! Last post I mentioned Playdough is one of the cats I’m working with right now. His beats are slammin’! I got hooked up with a couple of other cats, who I’ll tell you about real soon, but the beats they’re hookin’ me up with are just so ILL!! I’m really happy with the beats! My goal is to hopefully upload a sneak sample in the next couple of weeks to give you a taste. I can’t wait to share it with you.

Just gotta get unacquainted with this old friend of mine first..

Big love!

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2 Responses to “I Roll How, Exactly?”

  1. Honz Says:

    Nice work on the blizog man, always a good read, very much looking forward to hearing what you have been working on.

  2. dj paine Says:

    KICK THE BLOCK MAN. write a track about it.

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