On the Sneak.

Posted by hoodstakidd on August 17th, 2009 filed in hip-hop

What up dudes!

First of all, I hope you dug the download. After I posted I felt like it may have been misleading, possibly having you think it was a preview Hoodstakidd track(maybe there will be one? oooh mysterious..), when it wasn’t. On the real, I just thought it was so dope, you should check it out! Hope you did!

Big ups to everyone who has become a fan on Facebook! It’s mad encouraging to see the support and thanks for those of you who posted a message. No matter how small, it really does help knowing there are people out there who dig what you are doing. So once again, thank you. Dont forget, you can always tell a friend and help the cause!

Ok, so last week I said I would give you a sneak peak of the new Hoodstakidd project. Right now I’m collabing with some dope producers, one of whom I will reveal.


pd cardigan

Check out his stuff by clicking HERE.

I was fortunate enough to tour with Playdough a little while back. This cat is a dope emcee and producer! This dude knows his stuff and is one of the craziest freestylers you will hear. I’d been a big fan of his music for a long time, so when we got to tour, I was crazy excited. Now, getting to work with him, really is an honour. Show him some love and check out his stuff. We have been hookin’ up some slammin’ tracks and Im amped about what we’re working on! Can’t wait for you to hear it!

Thats all for now, don’t forget you can follow me on TWITTER if you wanna keep up to date with the latest Hoodstakidd hijinx.

Big love!!

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  1. Carm Says:

    What if you’re as small as I?

    Can’t wait to hear what you got up your sleeve, keep the updates coming.

    P.S. Downloaded Megabjork, haven’t given it a listen just yet though.

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