Rebirth, Reboot or Regurgitation?

Posted by hoodstakidd on August 9th, 2009 filed in trash talk

Welcome to the blog of the Hoodstakidd! I got a slammin’ solo debut on the way(more on that soon) and I want you to take the journey of putting it down with me! But first a few brief words…

Ok, so it doesn’t take a degree in rocket science to tell by looking at the date and premise of my last post, that consistent blogging was not one of my strengths! This was mainly due to the fact I had no clear idea about what the true purpose of this blog was, other than being a log of random opinions and thoughts for no good reason. Not anymore.

Recently I kickstarted work on my long overdue debut solo project. The ball is rolling, the beats are bangin’ and I wanna keep you updated as best I can! The blog will be updated each Monday night and will include either an update of where the project is at, what artist or album is rockin’ my headphones or some other random piece of awesomeness I think you should check out.

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Japanese bikes, the new hotness?

Big love, keep you posted and looking forward to the journey ahead!

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    You are so cool

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