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Posted by hoodsta on October 23rd, 2007 filed in hip-hop, movies, trash talk, Video Games

I Need a Phone.

Im not the kind of person to go down to physical sickness easy. I gotta be real out of it to let a bug or virus or any other type of ailment affect me. Yeah, Im a real hero. Well Ive been off work now for four days, plus a weekend in there too. I turned up to work today and was told to go home because I was still too sick. Sick days are a funny thing. On the upside you get time off work and if youve got a legendary wife like mine, you kinda get spoiled, on the downside youre feeling too crapola to really enjoy the time off…I guess thats what holidays are for?!

Part of the reason I tried to go back to work today, even though I was sick, was because there was a part of me that wasnt sure if I would stay home because of my ever growing lack of enthusiasm for my job, or because I really didnt feel well. Thats not good.

Ive been racking my brains over what kind of career path I would bounce out of bed for and Im comin’ up short. Guess all thats left is for me to be Australia’s first solo RAP SUPERSTAR (Joel Turner doesnt count!). Guess I’ll need to do a song with slammin’ “street beats” mixed with some rockin’ guitar and Jimmy Barnes wailing on the chorus. Instant crossover appeal while remaining relevant to the Australian music industry. Perfect!

Watch this space…

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