Back to the Future.

Posted by hoodsta on October 19th, 2007 filed in hip-hop, trash talk, Video Games

Here I am, yet again playing catch up with ye olde blog. I think this may explain why I have never tried keeping a diary. That, and the fact that I have never been a sixteen year old girl recording secrets in her private log about “cute boys”. What am I talking about?!

giving myself a hernia from rocking too hard.

So, to play catch up real quick, here is a list of things Ive been up to since my last proper post back in May. In no particular or chronological order:

– Wrote new material and lovin’ it.
– Had a tooth removed.
– Rocked out at Blackstump.
– Been on holidays.
– Had my Xbox360 die on me.
– Sent my 360 away to be fixed.
– Got my 360 back.
– Huzzah! Xbox Live now works on my new 360.
– Became addicted to Xbox Live.
– Assured the Tammsta I loved her more than my 360.
– Had a birthday.
– Got an 80gb Ipod.
– Sold out and joined Facebook.
– Rocked more gigs.
– Found out more of my friends are having babies.
– Reassured myself I was not weird for not yet having a baby of my own.
– Reassured myself I was not ready to join the group “We all have babies and enjoy standing around talking to each other after church in the church foyer” on Facebook, or in real life.
– Rewatched Smallville seasons 1-5.
– Finished Smallville season 6.
– Tried to unsuccessfully curb my CD buying habit.
– Did not blog.
– Wished I was Jack Bauer.
– Bought a crapload of dvd’s while on holidays.
– Hunted many terrorists on Rainbow Six Vegas with my friends.
– Had the Halo 3 experience.
– Thanked God that Wollongong finally has an Oporto and Cold Rock.

I could probably keep going but it would be somewhat boring. Long story short, have been heaps busy and writing new stuff for “my new album that really is coming out soon, I promise.”

Anyway, Im catching a few shows in the next few weeks. Katalyst, Justin Timberlake (Im taking my wife. No really.), Ohmega Watts and Joss Stone. Cant wait! Anyways, thanks for stopping by and hopefully catch you at a gig soon!

Much love!

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