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Posted by hoodsta on May 27th, 2007 filed in hip-hop, movies, trash talk, Video Games

What up faithful few! Thanks for checkin’ out the blog which is well overdue for an update. Heaps been goin’ on for me right now with some real exciting music stuff to talk about too! So, where do I start?

Might start with whats up with me right now.

Got a bug thats been goin’ around. Pretty much all my friends have had it and now, Im the lucky one who is dealin’ with it which probably means Ill be off work for the next day or two, which is, lets be honest…not that bad! The bug Ive got has dropped my voice so low, that when I speak, my voice is on sub bass levels on par with the mighty Barry White. Pretty funny! But when I try to speak at a normal volume, my voice breaks like a pubescent kid whose testosterone has just started to kick in. Again, pretty funny.

My boy Carm recently had a birthday and thought it would be great if everyone went ice skating. Im an easy goin’ kinda guy who’s always up for a good time and a grand adventure, so I went along even though I hadnt ever been ice skating in my entire life. Well, it was cool (no pun intended) if you wanted to see what a guy looks like when he is totally out of his element and being made to look like an absolute douche-on-ice by kids less than a third of his age. “Hello 8 year old little kid, why have you lapped me around this ice rink for the third time when Im less than half way around my first lap?!” O.K., so maybe it wasnt quite that bad, but it was starting to get old when your friends keep telling you things like “Its just like rollerblading!” (Ive never been rollerblading) and “Dont worry I havent done this since I was like, five years old! Seriously!”, then they proceed to speed skate as soon as their blades hit the ice. Anyways, Im probably exaggerating to make a point, but it was fun! Just had to find the rhythm and I only fell over once! Maybe next time, Ill be able to skate and look around at other stuff besides the ice, at the same time! That would be sweet!

Been on a bit of a music binge recently. Cant seem to get enough music in my ears at one time! Currently listening to Flow Dynamics which is dope, Surreal and the Sound Providers, Marco Polo and funnily enough Missy Higgins, whose gig I worked at a couple of weeks ago (got a side job workin’ at the Regent Theatre) and when the Tammsta picked up her latest cd, I gave it a listen and was pleasantly surprised. Not to mention I freaked out when I saw her drummer come through the foyer at the gig and recognised him as the one and only Terepai Richmond, former drummer for the legendary D.I.G and probably the single greatest freakin’ drummer in Australia. I wanted to talk to him but probably would have said something stupid like, “Hi..I.. dropelsdidda fumbeldrog bubabla boonatipo yumnuch..umm..bye.”

Anyways, Ill wrap it up for now but Ive been hard at work on music and have got something awesome lined up for those who intend going to the Blackstump music festival this year. Cant say too much at this point but if youre going, take a second pair of underjocks, cause I plan to give you skidmarks that even napisan would be hard pressed to remove.

Until next time, Im out.

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  1. djp72 Says:

    i hate all forms of rolling and skating and skiing things strapped to my feet.

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