These Are The Breaks!

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One of the great crews rockin’ today, in my opinion, are Crown City Rockers. Here’s one of the tracks off their latest, ‘The Day After Forever’:

As Brethren recently released their Bastion album, thought I’d give those of you who haven’t already seen it, a look at the new Brethren clip. Dig.

Back soon. Big love.

A Slice of Brain Pie.

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Welcome back!

So originally, the topic of this entry was going to be a bit of a hip hop gripefest (because there just aren’t enough of those). My contempt with the fine line there seems to be between Australian hip hoppers having their own ‘identity’ and just perpetuating the stereotype of straight up yobbo bogans. The respect some names in the scene seem to have garnered not because they’re dope artists but just because they’re still hanging around. Blah, blah, blah. Then time, as it does, gave me a bit more perspective and reminded me, nobody has ever changed anything or contributed anything of worth by compiling and yelling their list of grievances at anyone who would listen. Who needs another negative opinion? Then I began thinking..

Last week I attended the launch of Brethren‘s new album Bastion. For those that may not know, Brethren are one of Australia’s longest serving hip hop crews and are this year celebrating their twenty year anniversary. TWENTY YEARS! Also performing that night was Brotha Black and legendary Australian hip hop mainstays, Def Wish Cast. An old skool vibe, no doubt! Funnily enough, even though I’ve been a fan of Def Wish Cast since back in the day, I’d never seen them live. The closest I got was seeing a couple of Celsius gigs. Despite some technical difficulties Def Wish Cast blew me away!  These guys, particularly Def Wish, really know how to rock a show. It was a great gig. What was really great was seeing both Brethren and Def Wish Cast still doing their thing after such a long time. That night gave me a new sense of appreciation and respect for old skool cats.

I don’t wanna sound trite but times have changed. The internet has really impacted the way we interact with and perceive the world. Foreign countries no longer seem so far away and everyday mysteries are solved with two words. ‘Google it’. The days when you would scour record store shelves for that one album you’d been hunting down for a long time, have now given way to the immediate satisfaction of internet searches and instant downloads. I’ve found that, because of the ease of access to music the internet affords, my own listening behaviour has changed. It almost seems like every other week I have a new album I listen to. On the one hand, getting what you want when you want is great. It’s convenient. It also tends to make things things feel different. Disposable. That’s not so great. Is it true that the value we attach to things can be measured by the time we invest in them? I think so. Relationships are built on this foundation. My wife isn’t my best friend because we met and got married one day but because we constantly invest time in each other. I’ve got more music now than I’ve ever had but if I was honest, I’d say I probably appreciate it less. When was the last time I heard a ‘classic’? Gone are the days when all I had was a couple of great albums I would play over and over.

Hoodstakidd! You’re ranting now! What’s your point?!

I don’t know.

It feels like these days, very little can be accepted as being genuine, everything being tainted by cynicism. I looked up the definition of cynicism and found a description that I myself can often fit: Cynicism: An attitude of scornful or jaded negativity, especially a general distrust of the integrity or professed motives of others. I guess my point is, it’s easy to devalue things when your diet is increasingly consisting of the disposable. I know for myself, with hip hop, I try to create something real and honest, something true that will stand the test of time. I also try to take that approach with my life. Not perfect by any means but working it out! It was great seeing Brethren still rocking out after twenty years because it was a reminder, there are still some people committed to creating something genuine and honest and not doing it for a quick cash in, or for exploitative reasons. Even with something as simple as music, to the relationships in our lives, to defining what we may feel our individual purpose is, never forget the true value of that which we may have become too familiar with. I hope I can learn to take that approach to everything on a daily basis!

So, yes, it has been a while since my last post. I’ve decided not to post a sneak peak just yet of what I’ve been working on, as I really don’t want to put up something not truly representing the final product. Anything I could post right now would still be pretty rough. I can tell you that I’m probably about halfway done with the album and I’m really happy with what I’ve got so far.

Big ups for stopping by the blog. More to come soon! Mad love.

‘Til Next Time..

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Well, I’m about to embark on holidays for two weeks. Stoked! Which means I won’t be updating the blog during that time. Next update when I get back, should include a sneak peak at what I’ve been working on. Mad. Can’t wait to leak it! Think you’ll dig it.

So what that means is, I’m gonna give you some links to stuff you should be checking out. Just some more stuff I’ve been diggin’ on that I would like to pass on, for your pleasure!

First up, my man Wizdm is releasing his long awaited solo release ‘Unrelenting’. If you didn’t know already, Wizdm is a dope producer/emcee based in Sydney and forms one half of Brethren, one of Australia’s longest standing hip hop crews who are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year. Big ups! Dope release featuring Mistery, Oakbridge, 13th Son, Maya Jupiter, myself and more. The official launch will be happening October 16, Hermann’s Bar University of Sydney. Doors open at 8pm, entry is $10 or $20 with a copy of ‘Unrelenting’! Yep! Make sure you get along to that if you can and grab a copy of the album and support a true hip hop veteran. You can peep his blog for more details.

Next up, my boy Oakbridge will be launching his solo debut, ‘It Is What It Is’ October 30, at the Monkey Bar in Chatswood. You can peep his myspace or facebook pages for more details. I’ll be rocking a set at the launch, as well as joining the man himself to rock the track we recorded for his album. The project features a bunch of guests and features production by Wizdm. This is a dope release, for real. You’ve been warned!


Finally, for the pop lovers amongst you, my friends Sunday Waits have just released their debut EP. These guys are great live and the EP is straight solid. Destined for greatness, show support and grab a copy of the release. Check the facebook or myspace pages for more details.


Well thats about it for now, catch ya in about two weeks.

Big love!

Nihon Love.

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Back in April of this year, the Tammsta and I finally fulfilled our long awaited goal of traveling to Japan. I first became interested in Japan through my love for video games, Japan being their birthplace, and through an interest in manga and anime. What was initially an infatuation with Japanese pop culture, grew to become an intense curiosity to know more about the people and country itself. Tammy also shared my interest and curiosity for all things Japan and we decided we had to go! Before we left, we took Japanese classes in order to learn how to read and speak the language and learn about the culture and customs of the country itself. I gotta be honest, I was a little nervous about visiting a country where english was not the first language and where the national pastime for unwinding is publicly bathing naked in an Onsen, or hot spring. Gettin’ my junk out in a foreign land for people I didn’t know, was not my idea of a great way to get your relax on! However, I wasn’t gonna let that stop me from embarking on a sweet adventure to the home of sushi, samurai and bullet trains. We went and it exceeded all my expectations completely. Heres a snippet of what we got up to(music by The Go! Team):

After coming home from our trip, the first thing we did was try to figure out when we could get back there and how soon!

Q. “Hey Hoodstakidd! Why are you writing about Japan and what the crap does it have to do with your blog?”

A. Not only was my trip an exercise in utter radness, but while I was over there, I was trying to find out more about hip hop culture in Japan. Two things stopped me from discovering much. One: We didn’t have much spare time in our schedule, and two: I hadn’t researched enough before leaving Australia. Oops. So all I really did was grab a craptonne of cds and visit Still Diggin’. A hip hop shop hidden away in a back street of the awesomeness that is Shibuya.

So here’s a brief taste of some stuff I brought back.

First up, GAGLE. These kids are dope. Hunger is a killer emcee and DJ Mistu The Beats has become one of my favourite beatmakers right now. Their videos are also sweet. Check the freshness:

Big Bang Theory. The track is a heater and Hunger spittin’ kanji, katakana and hiragana in the clip is ILL!

Sauetoroyoshi. These kids are funny. The album has some hits and misses but this track is cool.

Rhymester. These cats are one of Japan’s longest standing hip hop crews. This track is a lot of fun. Check check:

Anyhoo, you get the point. There was a side of me that became intrigued by the electro-pop stylings of the guilty pleasure known as Perfume, but we won’t go there! Japan is awesome, and I can’t wait to get back.

So, if you’re heading out to Blackstump this Saturday, you can catch a sneak peak at what I’ve been working on, as I rock the mic for your pleasure. Also, my man Oakbridge is launching his album, It Is What It Is, October 30 at Chatswood’s Monkey Bar, where i’ll be rocking support and joining him for the track we did for his album. More details to follow!

Til’ next time, big love!

Rock Rock!

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I’ve always been fascinated by the stories of famous recording artists and their stash of unreleased material, being held inside some secret vault, heavily guarded by ex navy seals and a pack of rabid starved Dobermans who would tear you limb from limb if you ever tried to set foot within ten feet of this impenetrable jewel of mind boggling auditory bliss. Okay, so maybe I embellished a little there but when I hear stories like, “Did you know Prince has this stash of  stuff he has never released that would blow your mind!” and I’m talking not just about Prince but any artist, I’m like, if it’s so great, stop torturing me and let me hear it! I’m a fan of music with a tendency to be completionist, so if I dig an artist and find there is something of theirs I haven’t got, I’ll track it down till I get my grubby digits on it!

Now, I say that not because I think anything I’ve done would ever be in the ranks of something like ‘Stevie Wonders greatest unreleased album masters’ but I found this track that I had specifically thrown together for a compilation that never got released. It’s old. Like about five years. I’ve performed it a little but won’t anymore. I have the kind of personality that tends to want to move on to the next thing all the time. I haven’t even finished this current project and I’m already thinking about the next! But this is so old it’s something I wont go back to. Now, I’m my own worst critic and I could tell you about all the faults I hear when I hear this track and how my emceeing has developed since this, blah, blah, blah. It would bore you. What I can tell you is, I came up with the chorus at the last second as I recorded the verses and it’s been one of those things I was never happy with. I always felt it was weak but it always seemed to do okay at live gigs. When I wrote this track, I just wanted something that would capture a fun party vibe, something that wasn’t telling you how dope I was but something that communicated how much fun it is to rock the mic with a crowd that’s into it! It was put together with the help of my ex-partner-in-crime-but-still-good-bud-who always-has-my-back-even-though-I-tend-to-milk-him-for-favours, Diggz and features the man himself on the decks.

Anyway, it’s a bit of fun and I thought it might make a cool little freebie download(just click on the downward facing arrow on the right hand side of the bar). So here it is! Rock rock!

Keep Rockin’ by Hoodstakidd

My Fidelity.

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Another blog entry with video! Watching them is recommended! *LANGUAGE WARNING*

High Fidelity is one of my favourite movies. If you really love music and haven’t seen this or read the book, stop, go rent/read and come back. Or, as is probably more likely, read this entry and stick it on your ‘what was that movie again?’ list for the next time you’re at the video store and cant find a movie to watch. It’s a sweet flick and I love this scene in paticular as it really illustrates the way music impacts our lives, even though we may not realise. How many times have you heard someone exclaim after they hear a particular song, “No way! I haven’t heard this song for ages! This brings back so many memories!”. Music is never ‘just music’. It will always provoke some kind of response, whether it’s the music snob preaching about how Australian Idol has killed the industry or the little kid gettin’ his groove on to the sounds of The Wiggles, music affects you. Sounds funny but whenever I hear the song “Neverending Story”(which isn’t often!), I always think back to when I was a kid and I heard it on the radio while I was brushing my teeth and I yelled out to my Nan, “Turn it up Nanna! Turn it up!”. Ok, maybe thats one I should have kept to myself.

That said, I thought I’d share a bit about my early exposure to hip hop, and use these videos to help elaborate. Now, unlike High Fidelity, this isn’t a ‘Top 5’ list, but a few select tunes among many, that came to mind when thinking about the early days! So sit back, grab a mocha and enjoy the journey..

To call Tribe’s impact on hip hop ‘huge’, would be a massive understatement! Any hip hop artist worth listening to will, most times, cite A Tribe Called Quest as an influence. For me personally, this track was my first introduction to Tribe and is the epitome of the interesting, fun, creative, expressive aspect of hip hop I love. It’s also proof a fresh cap and hoodie combo never goes out of style! There is no graff in this video but for some reason, it reminds me of the time I was dabbling in graffiti, running with an old mate of mine, learning the fine art of late night/early morning bombing runs. That didn’t last because, a) I wasn’t very good and b) I didn’t like the feeling of thinking I was gonna be busted by a cop at any second. Don’t ask me why it reminds me of that! Shortly after, I’d see a local emcee from a crew called ‘The Brotherhood of Justice’ rip the mic and then I’d know what I wanted to do!

I heard this track for the first time on local radio station 2VoxFM. Back then, the hip hop show they had was on a Saturday night, was called The Funkin’ Lesson and was hosted by local hip hop icons, Skoop and A.S.G.. I remember hangin’ to hear this one, as the week before they had announced they would be playing it the following Saturday. This isn’t the typical Eric B & Rakim song most dudes reference, but for me, this song made me go check Rakim’s back catalog where I discovered classics like, Paid In Full, Microphone Fiend and Let the Rhythm Hit ‘Em. The sound of Rakim’s voice over Eric B’s rugged jazz streetscape had me hooked and this gem was one I came back to many times! Rakim is often referred to as the greatest emcee of all time, and the sound of his flow was and still is, mesmerising. An emcee’s emcee no doubt!

LL straight rips hip hop a new one with this joint! An all time classic, and one that my friends and I used to recite endlessly as one person beat boxed, one person did the ‘aaah aaah’s’ and one did the lyrics! This WAS hip hop for me, back in the day! Aggressive, energetic and unstoppable, it made any young hip hopper feel invincible, even if you had to take out the garbage at the end of the day. It expresses exactly what I want every song I write, to do. Knock you out! Not just have you say, wow that was cool but to blow your mind and decimate every expectation you had. Hip hop may have changed over the years but the intent of any hip hop artist is captured expertly with this track! This should make any self respecting emcee hungry to craft a classic. ‘Nuff said!

At a time when Australian hip hop was really in it’s infancy, these guys, although on more of a commercial tip, were still a big inspiration to kids like me. These were Aussie hip hoppers, living in Sydney, making hip hop music and doin’ it on my T.V.! Helped make me think, Maybe one day I could do that! I remember my best mate and I workin’ on our Code Blu impressions! What a voice!

Def Wish Cast. Oz hip hop legends. This was my anthem when it came out! I’m showing my age now, but I remember my best mate had this on cassette, I borrowed it, copied it and played it over, and over, and over, and over, and over until the tape broke! This was uncut Australian hip hop and was an anthem declaring Australian hip hop in all it’s glory was here, it was real, it was raw and it wasn’t going away! This clip had it all. The raw underground vibe, breakin’, graffitti, deejaying, the emcee’s rippin’ it and it was all home grown. Def Wish, Die C, Sereck and DJ Vame became legendary in my mind with this one. There was no going back for me after this! Also proof that white dudes have trouble jumping for extended periods.

Hope, you’ve enjoyed this little insight into some of my early influences. I’m definitely nowhere near being a rap superstar but it’s always interesting to me, hearing about how other artists have influenced other artists and so on.

So, the writing continues, it goes well and I got a bunch of fresh beats this week that I’m mad excited to share soon! Stay tuned..

Hip Pop Don’t…What?

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Contrary to what I would ideally have you imagine, hip hop was not my first exposure to what would be considered ‘contemporary’ music.

Growing up, my introduction to music was sitting behind an organ droppin’ such bangers like, “When the Saints Go Marching In” and “Ode to Joy”.  Being of single digit age, I derived a small sense of enjoyment from it at the time but ultimately I found music in general to be boring. This was due to the fact I equated music with what I had been playing on the organ. Crazy kitschy organ playin’ + oldytime faves = music = zzzzz. However, just before I hit my teens, around the age of ten or eleven years I was exposed to pop in all its grandeur, in the form of the Top 40. Shortly after, I’d find my home in hip hop and hip hop culture, but at that time, when I initially discovered pop, music suddenly became relevant and exciting! Though I’m a b-boy at heart, hip hop is not the only type of music I listen to, although hip hop was instrumental in exposing me to and developing my love of funk, jazz and soul. Though I love those genres, there is still a part of me that dabbles in pop, however my taste has somewhat matured!

Two years ago, I caught Joss Stone live. She was super dope and her band was off the hook but it was her support act that really made an impression. It was a dude by the name of Andy Bull. An Australian artist with a gift for soulful pop and an excellent songwriting craftsman. I got to catch him a couple more times, kept following his progress through things like Facebook and other internet links, and picked up his debut full length two weeks ago. I caught his live album launch this past week and I’m just blown away by this dudes skills! Mad talented! If you dig good music and like pop with more than a bit of soul, you need to check this dude, grab his album and show support! Heres a taste:

I couldn’t post the vid but click this link for more freshness: Andy Bull – Small Town Girl.

So, good news, the writers block passed! Then I got the flu which knocked me on my butt. Ha. On the upside, the writing’s progressing and I’m also in the process of copping a swag of fresh beats that I should have my hands on this week. All things going well, I should be able to post a little sample of  some tunage shortly!

In the meantime, Fan me or Tweet me!

Big love.

I Roll How, Exactly?

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Often in the world of hip hop, you may hear an emcee wax lyrical about his infinite capacity to rhyme endlessly. Every emcee is the dopest, illest spitter of bomb text. Every emcee is the freshest rhymer to ever grace the mic device and all listeners should drop to their knees in reverence at the sheer scale of oratory prowess that’s been dropped on them. Thats how an emcee rolls.

Not me.

This past week I’ve been reaquainted with an old friend of mine. Writers block.

Every artist (am I being pretentious insinuating that I think of myself as an ‘artist’?) has their own unique way of how they work through the creative process. For myself, often times I’l think of or be inspired by a subject/topic and the first thing I come up with is my hook or chorus. I see this as the base of my song. Then I’ll write the verses around that. For me, if the chorus isn’t slammin’, it doesn’t matter how good you verse is. If you cant come back to that rockin’ chorus, forget it! Put down your mic, and walk away. Most times, a chorus will come fairly quickly to me. As long as I can think of an angle or way to communicate my idea in a way that I think is cool, if I can nail that chorus, I’m set. The next hurdle is then the first line of the first verse. The first line of a verse when I’m writing has the same kind of effect on me as when you take a sip of ice cold Pepsi on a hot summer’s day. It’s like, “Aaah!”. Once I’ve got that first line, I’m sweet! That’s where I’ve come a bit unstuck this past week. No lines have been good enough! I do get writers block from time to time, the hardest part is battling the anxiety of thinking, “Thats it! I’ve lost it! I can’t rhyme anymore! I’m officially the wackness!”. The best part of writers block is when it’s over.

Ok. So where exactly is this project up to?

I had some previously written material that I was going to include in this upcoming release but when I went back to it, it just felt stale. So I decided to ditch it all and start fresh. Right now I’m working on brand new stuff from scratch and what I do have, I’m really happy with! Then there’s the beats. THE BEATS!! Last post I mentioned Playdough is one of the cats I’m working with right now. His beats are slammin’! I got hooked up with a couple of other cats, who I’ll tell you about real soon, but the beats they’re hookin’ me up with are just so ILL!! I’m really happy with the beats! My goal is to hopefully upload a sneak sample in the next couple of weeks to give you a taste. I can’t wait to share it with you.

Just gotta get unacquainted with this old friend of mine first..

Big love!

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On the Sneak.

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What up dudes!

First of all, I hope you dug the download. After I posted I felt like it may have been misleading, possibly having you think it was a preview Hoodstakidd track(maybe there will be one? oooh mysterious..), when it wasn’t. On the real, I just thought it was so dope, you should check it out! Hope you did!

Big ups to everyone who has become a fan on Facebook! It’s mad encouraging to see the support and thanks for those of you who posted a message. No matter how small, it really does help knowing there are people out there who dig what you are doing. So once again, thank you. Dont forget, you can always tell a friend and help the cause!

Ok, so last week I said I would give you a sneak peak of the new Hoodstakidd project. Right now I’m collabing with some dope producers, one of whom I will reveal.


pd cardigan

Check out his stuff by clicking HERE.

I was fortunate enough to tour with Playdough a little while back. This cat is a dope emcee and producer! This dude knows his stuff and is one of the craziest freestylers you will hear. I’d been a big fan of his music for a long time, so when we got to tour, I was crazy excited. Now, getting to work with him, really is an honour. Show him some love and check out his stuff. We have been hookin’ up some slammin’ tracks and Im amped about what we’re working on! Can’t wait for you to hear it!

Thats all for now, don’t forget you can follow me on TWITTER if you wanna keep up to date with the latest Hoodstakidd hijinx.

Big love!!

Check One!

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Ok, so, here’s one album you gotta check. It’s FREE. That’s right. FREE. And LEGAL!
Recently I came across a crew by the name of Project Move and their album Love Gone Wrong/The Butterfly Theory. It’s dope. Can’t get enough type dope! One of the emcee’s from the crew, Moe Pope, hooked up with producer Headnodic of Crown City Rockers and released the album Megaphone. Again, dopeness was manifest! These guys recently did a remix of Megaphone mashed with Bjork and in my opinion, topped the original album. Click here for the download, and bask in the awesomeness!

MegaBjork Cover

Next post, will give a sneaky peeker at the Hoodstakidd project! Until then, you can become a fan of mine on Facebook by clicking on the Facebook badge on the right(feel free to let all of your buddies know) or follow me on Twitter here.

Mad love, and rock the MegaBjork!

!!I should have mentioned, MegaBjork does contain some language, so if that bugs you, you might wanna give it a miss. Apologies for the oversight.!!